A Road Less Travelled

“Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable?. Mark Twain

?A growing number of countries are flourishing on the gamut of economic escalation. Vision and ideology is the cornerstone to fabri- cate the future of nations. Economic growth comes in two forms: an economy can either grow ?extensively? by using more resources (such as physical, human, or natural capital) or ?intensively? by using the same amount of resources more efficiently (productively).

The very first step towards unlocking economic growth potential is to create a strategic economic vision for entire area, covering the richness of diversity and opportunities we have on our doorstep but here comes the most important part to define the accuracy of economic roadmap and that is only possible after CENSUS which sets objectives and goals for short, mid and long term plan- ning. The census provides information that is critical to national development. The United Nations, emphasizing the importance of censuses, recommends that countries should conduct a census every 10 years. A population and housing census is the process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and publishing or other dissemination of data on demographic, economic and social conditions of the people as well as the conditions under which they live at a specific period of time. Censuses are primary sources of basic benchmark statistics on the population and housing characteristics of the nation. They provide information on population size, age and sex composition, geographic distribution and housing characteristics and facilities that have bearing on the social aspects of the housing.

Alas! Pakistan?s last census was conducted in 1998. Since then we are blindfold in making our policies and planning for future. How can we predict, analyze or evaluate the variables when we are not aware of the exact database of our population. It?s been 18 years that we are guessing the stats and hence making the policies. Are we destined to be treated ruthlessly? Or we need to quiver our souls to witness the most wanting issue to be addressed in this hour of time. Pakistani government should take an aggressive step to conduct census, in order to predict and analyze the policies with almost exact data base for the welfare of the population. We need to gear up for our coming generation before it?s too late.