Modern Welfare State

A modern welfare state is one in which the citizens have rights: the right to life, liberty, freedom, speech, religion, equal opportunities, free education, free healthcare, water, power, shelter, employment etc. Welfare state always strives to put in place the necessary impetus that ensures the material and spiritual well being of people in its domain. To me the concept of modern welfare state gives us a roadmap to make the world a better place.

I feel that European social model more successfully aims for a society that combines economic growth with high living standards and good working conditions and this model has produced very fruitful results in terms of public welfare.
In Islam the idea of welfare state is not new. 1400 years ago, it was presented and implemented in form of a successful socio economic model, by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and then after Him, during the period of Righteous Caliphs (Khilaft-e-Rashida ? 632 to 661 A.D.).
We will have to accept this reality that only eloquently spoken words on the importance of a welfare state cannot
change the scenario in Pakistan. We shall have to seriously place the welfare of our people on top of our all priorities.
On other hand, it is a fact that rights and duties of an individual and the welfare state run side by side. It is our duty to be loyal to our country, defend the interest of the country, play active part in civic affairs, be clean and pay due taxes in time. In this way a good citizen can make his state a prosperous state. Nations are combination of individuals and it is very simple to understand that a good nation is combination of good individuals and vice versa. Only the nations having awareness about their national goals lead others.
I believe that Pakistan has all the necessary ingredients to become a Modern Welfare State, as it is gifted with best
human potential and resources. The question arises that who will convert this potential into gains.