US Policies &
Pakistan Prophecies

?Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others ususally make no time to correct their own?- Art Jonak
Pakistan-United States relations have always been a hot potato, considering many ups & downs since its commencement
and it is now going to witness another swirl in its brawling relation after Donald John Trump has taken the
reign in Presidential elections. America; the land promising emancipation, autonomy & opportunity as a beacon after
World War II-is now looking at its own navel for what it can offer first to itself and then others, in a transformed world.
Donald Trump, at the drop of a hat, belligerently spoke of his slogan ?America First? by building up the country?s borders,
ending foreign aid which precedentedly poked as a wake up call for all the old and new immigrants, considering
US as their destination. The premise of President-elect Mr. Trump?s crusade has emphasized on the idea of a ?Fortress
America? where disbursement will more likely be incurred within America.
Interest drives friendship in today?s global politics, technologies, trade, geo-strategic position and above all insight of
interests is a key to survival. As curiosity kills the cat, we as a nation need to think about our people and country.
Instead of accelerating our time, energy, interests and skills in thinking about probable channels through which any
impact, negative or positive, of Mr. Trump?s policies and actions can be transmitted to Pakistan?s economy, we need to
make our home secure first.
Drastic times call for drastic measures. Our leadership ought to be intensely foresight i.e. in matter of style swim with
the current and in matter of principle stand like a rock. Investing in people & lifting them towards their potential
will pay back prolifically. When we will honor our people, they will become guardian of state of interests. It?s time for
?us? not ?me.? We as a nation, need to focus on our strengths and turn our weaknesses into assets that will lead us to
eminence. The need of the hour is converging our weak and strong points to transfigure them into intelligent planning
that is essential in any undertaking designed to accumulate richness.