Self-Esteem of a Nation

People with healthy self-esteem do not need to create pretended identities- Bell Hooks

Self-esteem is confidence and satisfaction in oneself; means how you regard and value yourself. Western ideology emphasize on the rational and cogent approach of self-esteem, whereas Eastern dogma is not only diverse in its grandeur but also in-depth in its realm. Allama Iqbal, our National poet explained it with scrutinizing realization between God and human-beings through the connection of celestial aspects of self-reliance and self-admiration.
Now one thing, we should keep in our mind that developing self-esteem is a life-long process; it begins in childhood and evolves through adulthood. It is a journey of generations from one onto the next. When it comes to nations; it becomes more complicated and sensitive because lots of theories evolve to develop this attribute. Factors like economic independence, prosperity, good governance, peace and security, education and what not are considered to be the required elements to form this divine feel.
When Pakistan came into being, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah clearly stated that there is no freedom without economic progress. In his last message to the nation, he again revealed that nature has blessed us with unlimited resources. It is on us to build, and build as quickly as we can.
Following the clear guideline of the Father of Nation, we should go for the right path; that is ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE,so may we stand firm and claim to be a nation first. When we beg or borrow from others (I do not want to take the names) just to fulfill our basic needs, then do these idealistic talks suit us?