Surprisingly, more than a decade, most of the nations became very conscious of their image-building. Either it is a matter of attracting foreign investor or trade facilitation or improvisation of business environment through private-sector competitiveness or even securing geopolitical manipulation, image-building or creating an explicit face of ones own nation is gradually becoming common.

Day by day nations are becoming more aware about the fact that how they want to be perceived and need to improve. It is obvious that the reputation and brand values of a country impacts its strength, population, investment opportunities and even its foreign aid and funding.

Every intelligent government, keeping in view its regional and global existence and by gauging its true potential, designs a strategy to uplift its national image. Amazing Thailand, Malaysia Truly Asia and Incredible India are some of the names that made me ponder that how Pakistan has been presented before the world.

Pakistan is a country that is rich in every aspect. Just think of any trait and you will find it here. This land is blessed with natural gifts like diverse weather, rivers, mountains, sea, minerals, fertile land, geo strategic location and youth dominant population. It has a unique standing among nations-being the only Muslim Atomic Power; the most resilient and charitable nation. Business community of Pakistan is growing fast and is willing to face challenges; locally or globally. Pakistan also has the honor of being a front-line state in the war against terrorism. Hence, Pakistan is The Savior of the World.

Now the question arises that how Pakistan is perceived within the global market. I must say that no solid move or strategy is found at any platform to brand this great nation. I understand the fact that alone government cannot complete this hard task, but the government should also understand that this will only be led by them and all others will follow the vision of leadership.