Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us
John F. Kennedy

You may have heard very allured discussions and read many articles and books on foreign policy. This is a never ending onion layered subject. Today in the age of globalization, the complexities and richness of this subject is increasing by making it more tactful. Currently, it has become an art that teaches how to deal with other nations. Countries have formed Think Tanks to sort out the strategies for more effective role on global front. These Think Tanks play a role of torch bearer for the governments to attain their goals in best interest of their countries.

To me, the foreign policy is a smart strategy to protect your national interest/s regionally and globally. Know your strength, align it with your needs and deal with the nations, maintaining your self esteem and mutual respect. Here I will quote the former US Secretary of the State, Mr. Henry Kissinger who once said that America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. This saying is the crux of international politics. This fits to all, either it is USA, China, Russia and rest of the world.

In my childhood I read a proverb; birds of a feather flock together, means that people of the same interests will be found together. Same is the case with the nations. Friendship is the name of common interests and enmity is conflict of interests.

Despite being more philosophical, I would assert that geo strategic position and agricultural potential of Pakistan, heaps of minerals, deep sea port of Gwadar, tourism attractions and even the challenges like need of energy can be our strengths. Real need is to align them with our interests and play our role intelligently.

In the end I would endorse John F. Kennedy; he, very intelligently has warned the nations to play their roles responsibly; as in case of any wrong decision or act, one can manage it within home but at a global level it can be a mess.