No Pains No Gains

Energy and water crisis, foreign debts, unemployment, falling exports, deteriorating industrial growth, low tax collection, less expenditure on social sector, trust deficit between government and public; you will be surprised that today I have taken off with all the negative aspects prevailing in Pakistan. No, with due respect, it is all about how you look at the scenario. To me, these are the challenges for upcoming government and leadership. Where there is challenge, there is opportunity and where there is opportunity there is a room to prove your worth.

Here, as a nation, we have to decide that how are we going to meet these challenges. First we shall have to understand and accept that no alien force will come to rescue us. This is our country and we, the Pakistanis have to face and fight all the challenges.

We have to start from somewhere; as it is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In democratic societies the journey of growth starts with the selection of right leadership through elections. We are provided with yet another amazing opportunity to select better leadership for next five long years. It is a significant time for us as one nation to test ourselves with the kind of decision making abilities we possess; for it is the right time to act thoughtfully, and prove to be a rationally decisive nation.

Since the second government has completed its term, it is currently imperative to go through the history and look closely at the past performances of each candidate, so as to make the analysis and comparison more vivid. The above mentioned challenges should also be taken into consideration for a better understanding of selecting a worthy leader.

Pakistan is a country of people who are known to be sentimental, and even more sentimental in terms of selecting the government either. By now, we are fully aware of not repeating the same mistake twice, and treating this sensitive matter of selecting a righteous government with vision. Playing our roles in the betterment of Pakistan by taking part in the process of casting vote, and choosing the right person is the need of the hour. If we fail to do so, we might fail as a nation and consequently, will be left with no reason to complain ahead.

In order to spot change, we first need to bring it in our credos. Let us begin