National Economic Agenda

Enough is enough. I think that the time has come to sit down and analyze our behaviors and actions that what are we doing and what actually Pakistan needs. Every governing body is trying to impose its own agenda/plan regardless of the fact that whether it suits to Pakistan or not. Pakistan cannot afford the scattered and useless policies that were formulated without considering its prevailing state. National organs are being operated on ad hoc basis that are beyond the circumstances. Our institutions are awaited to be reformed. Trust deficit has increased between the rulers and the masses due to almost zero social spending. Self-interest has become the best interest.

Now, it?s the time to streamline the national interests. What we need the most is political will to formulate a comprehensive National Economic Agenda. National interest can only be watched and protected if all political stakeholders put their egos, rivalries and conflicts aside and be united on National Economic Agenda. Government will have to develop the attitude of sharing not hiding the facts that gives birth to misunderstandings and make the situation worst.

As per my understanding, once decided the goals, aims and targets of National Economic Agenda among all stakeholders (political and business) remain unchanged till achieved. Political differences must be treated separately. A comprehensive national strategy to deal with international financial organizations like IMF and World Bank must also be the part of core agenda.

To achieve this, government will have to be the first drop of rain by gathering all stakeholders on one table and develop a National Economic Agenda for at least next fifteen (15) years. New economic policies must be framed fulfilling the local, regional and global parameters. Agriculture must be the top priority as Pakistan is basically an “Agricultural Country”. Justifiable and proportionate funds must be allocated for clean drinking water, health, education, law and order, and infrastructure. I believe that only this move can build trust between rulers and masses.

Honestly speaking the story of prosperity starts from the TRUST.