Time is Ripe

Yes, it is true because we are at the crossroads of history and we have to make a decision between peaceful and prosperous Pakistan and Political compromises. The fate of our coming generations obviously, is in the hands of our political leadership while military leadership seems to be very clear and focused to achieve its goals. They have firm belief in saying ?Drastic times call for drastic measures.? They are not willing to accept any pressure or blackmailing. In real sense they are behaving like Pakistan?s armed forces.

On the other hand the political leadership sitting in Islamabad is also showing extreme maturity and seriousness. They have proved that they have complete and comprehensive awareness about national, regional and global political scenario especially in terms of Pakistan?s role. They are determined to bring best of both worlds to Pakistan and deliver the fruit of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and other projects to the nation.

Now the question arises that when everyone is playing with a full deck then what the real issue is? To me the answer is very clear and that is Personal Agendas of some political people. These stake holders must understand that to keep hold of peace is not a piece of cake. As security forces have very successfully destroyed the nexus of terrorists, their supporters and financers in Karachi, this situation has exposed some surprising faces resulting in the agitation of an important political stake holder that is trying to make this issue a hot potato.

In the heat of the moment, I shall just propose to all respectable stakeholders that this is 21st century and it is almost impossible to put wool over people?s eyes. Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with infinite resources. This time, there is no chance to miss the boat. Time is ripe; do not let it go.

Dear readers, Happy 2016 and be known that every cloud has a silver lining so keep up the good work as you are doing.