It?s All About Mindset

Mindset is a psychological behavior and attitude that make people stiff in their thinking. On a large scale two type of mindset i.e. fixed mindset and growth mindset. In formal the nations are more rigid and less incline to evolve with the need of time while in later the nations are highly motivated toward growth and development.

The world is revolving fast to hook the tides of time. In such a case only growth mindset can about the spaces between time and growth. Honestly, speaking being a nation our practices are not complacent. We still look for help and assistance. We start first and think later. We believe in jump start rather slow and steady win the race. We look at others worlds but do not create our own. We praise and accept other?s achievement but not willing to so as they did. Somewhere in our mind we are not willing to accept that if we cannot create something. At least we can learn from, who has done it before. We are quite satisfied with what others are doing ??

What does it mean? It means that we are not willing to accept the changes. Changes is like a wheel. Nobody can stop it. Either you will move on it and cover the distance or you be crushed beneath it.

If we want to be regional and global player then we will have to observe carefully analyze thoroughly and strategize intelligently. Third step in actual, makes the nation . To make the strategy one has to be a real team player with open heart and mind. Very soon , Pakistan is going to be regional transit hub and will be connecting point of potential markets. Here, our leadership is required to be carefully from such moves which can be the consequence of typically fixed mindset. Pakistan need growth mindset because a growth mindset would believe that leadership abilities can be learnt and acquired through efforts and experience.