First Issue Note

Abridging the Distance

Economists concur that trade among nations can make the world better. Trade contributes to global efficiency. When a country opens up to trade, capital and labor shift to those industries in which they are used more efficiently. This movement provides society a higher level of economic prosperity.

Economic augmentation, driven by the private sector and supported by trade liberalization, must be the key goal of any country. Strong economies take pleasure in prosperity, security, stability and peace.

Foreign investment is crucial for the economy of any country. It improves competition and efficiency, encourages novelty and gives new horizons to grow. A country with strong economy can effectively contribute to regional and global markets.

The parable behind EVOLVE is to create a platform where worldwide businesses and investment opportunities along with profiles of emerging economies, business leaders and growing companies are to be shared.

True to its name, I envision EVOLVE to evolve with each volume into a resourceful magazine for those seeking information concerning investment opportunities in Pakistan and abroad. My ambition for EVOLVE is to have it become a beacon of rich rewards for investors world over. May we all live to see Pakistan what it meant to be – the roaring economic tiger of Asia. May EVOLVE live up to its name and help jump start the lethargic economy of our country. I strongly believe that you will never miss the opportunity to be the part of this inimitable initiative.

Don?t forget to send us your valuable feedback and suggestions that can help EVOLVE in emerging as the first Business & Investment magazine of Pakistan.