Fourth Issue Note

Real Game Changer

What is a game changer? If I ask you this question your answer will obviously be that an element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way. Now let me ask that what is a real game changer? Definitely that turns around the situation or changes even the rules of the game.

Let us make the horizon broader and observe ?The Game Changer? in Pakistan?s perspective. Since I have studied the details of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), I am much confident that now Pakistan is going to be a major regional and global, economic and trade player. Pakistan is becoming a bridge between two departed worlds, China and Europe. An investment of $46 billion, Economic Zones, energy projects and what not and what not will be there.

Some thirty years back in 1984, same excitement was observed when a fate changer project Kala Bagh Dam was started. This dam was supposed to generate 3600 MW electricity. Its cost was just $6 billion and an increase of 30% in revenue of Pakistan was also estimated. Till date PKR 1billion of Pakistan has been spent on this but there is no Kala Bagh dam and we are suffering from chronic energy crisis.

Unfortunately this fate changer became victim of our internal politics and personal conflicts. We could not come out of our ponds and missed the chance to become an ocean. We forgot that we are first Pakistani then we have any other identification.

Today once again, it seems that history is repeating itself on the matter of CPEC. If we do not stand together for Pakistan, coming generations will never forgive us. This is not a project of one province. CPEC will speak national language. I am quite confident that together our political and military leadership will pull Pakistan out of all crises as they have done to strengthen the democracy and smooth transfer of power from one elected government to another. This determination is basically the ?Real Game Changer?.