Third Issue Note

Crisis or Opportunity

John F. Kennedy once said ?When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents crisis and the other represents opportunity?

To some of readers it may be surprising or excessively optimistic to link crisis with opportunity and yet it is not rare to hear strange stories of how nations, communities, and individuals have coped with traumatic circumstances. Unwanted crisis challenge individuals and states to transform, re-evaluate priorities, and may lead to motivating new experiences and directions in growth.

Perceiving the opportunity in crisis requires a larger perspective. It requires observing an ongoing process of development. It is a perspective of seeing the dynamic, ever changing, always evolving quality of life rather than seeing experiences as static events. This perspective is that life moves through us, rather to us, and that there is meaning and purpose in everything. It does not mean that we should completely ignore the dangers and problems of a crises, but we should try to fill the gaps and go for solutions rather regrets and panic.

In Pakistan corruption and bad governance almost ruined the public sector but at parallel private sector filled the gap and contributed to growth of country. In other words private sector explored the opportunity in crisis. Private sector provided the best alternates almost in all sectors like education, health, transport etc. Gradually the jobs in corporate sector are increasing with refinement in systems and mainly focusing on quality assurance.

Here I want to communicate the message to international community that Pakistan is oozing with investment opportunities in almost all the sectors. This is the time when sectors like agriculture, livestock, dairies, energy, tourism, mining, food packaging, pharmacy, logistics, telecom etc. all need growth to meet the needs of this country of 20 million people, a huge market. Fortunately or unfortunately (it is up to you to decide) lack of research and technology advancement has confined the potential of local businessman. So let us move ahead to join hands for business match making and work for a prosperous Pakistan.