H.E. Mr. Nicolae GOIA – Ambassador of Romania in Pakistan

Bilateral cultural relations are playing an important role in the development of friendship and partnership between the people of Romania and Pakistan

EVOLVE: Would you be kind enough toshare the road map of your professionaljourney with our readers?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: I am so very grateful to the EVOLVE team for covering Romania as the lead story of their publication. As for myself, I have been in Pakistan for the last two years; started serving as a Romanian Ambassador to Pakistan since December, 2016. I believe that I have been conferred with the opportunity of being associated mostly with the Arab countries. I started my diplomatic career firstly in Yemen in 1979, then I served in Iran, Japan,
and also in the United Arab Emirates as the Ambassador.

EVOLVE: Romania is poised to assume EUPresidency. What key challenges and goalsyou see for Romania through this office?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: Romania will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union at a time of great challenges for the future of the European project. Among the EU top priorities during this time will be concluding
the Brexit process, preparing the new multi-annual financial framework (MFF), and the end of the mandate for the European Commission and the European Parliament. These are just a few of the key elements shaping the context of the first semester of 2019. There are other dynamics, more diffuse but just as relevant, such as an increasingly perceptible need for reform and innovation in certain sectors of European policies, arising from the intensifying and timely debate regarding the future of the EU. At the same time, challenges in the wider international environment hold increasing significance, pushing the EU to assume a more important role in global affairs. Not least, the consolidation of the link between citizens and the EU, as well as ensuring a more active involvement from their side in the European decision-making processes constitutes a general challenge on Community level, as well as a field of mandatory action. In this context, Romanias Presidency of the Council of the EU will need to show vision and innovation, remaining, at the same time, within the limits of the European Presidencies tradition. Before all else, the presidency aims to act as an impartial mediator and consensus facilitator, being responsible for advancing the Councils legislative work, for ensuring the continuity of the EU agenda, well-organized legislative processes and cooperation between Member States. Consequently, the topics of interest that Romania shall put forward to the
EU in its capacity of state exercising the Presidency of the Council in 2019 are, on one part, related to the conclusion of ongoing files and legislative processes, and on the other, seek to contribute towards shaping a post-Brexit future
for the EU, setting the premises for the new legislative and budgetary programming period A robust future planning means going back to the foundations, and the 500 million inhabitants of the Member States are at the core of the European construction. Not least, the policies of the European Union need to be built by permanent relation to common values: respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, justice, as well as the respect for human rights, including the rights of minorities, pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, solidarity and equality
between women and men. In formulating the topics of interest of the Presidency, Romania has taken the citizen into
account, both as key source, and as ultimate goal. On the one part, the elaboration process is conceived as a democratic, deliberative, bottom- up process, where public institutions and civil society are given a real opportunity to have a say on the topics they deem most important for inclusion among the priority files of Romanias Presidency of the Council of the European Union. On the other part, relating to the substance of the proposals, the main concern in formulating the topics relates to ensuring their full compliance with the principles set out in the Treaties, thus ensuring that they serve the interests of all European citizens.

EVOLVE: What are the possibilities of enhancingpeople to people contact amongstPakistan and Romania?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: Culture is an area where we can cooperate with each other in order to increase people to people cooperation between the two countries. I genuinely believe Pakistan has a rich cultural background and so does
Romania, therefore, multiplying the number of contacts in this particular area shall be high on my agenda during my stay. Bilateral cultural relations are playing an important role in the development of friendship and partnership between the people of Romania and Pakistan. I believe that cultural ties, thanks to historical relations and the warm
feelings that the two peoples share for each other create a huge potential for greater collaboration. We are also convinced that future holds even better prospects as regards to cultural relations between Romania and Pakistan. Also, Pakistan Universities having joint ventures with Romanian counterparts will help promote interaction between the young generation in Pakistan and Romania.

EVOLVE: Romania is one of the fastestgrowing information technology (IT)markets in Central and Eastern Europe.The country has made significant progressin all of the information and communicationstechnology (ICT) subsectors, includingbasic telephony, mobile telephony, the Internetand IT. How these practices can beimplemented in Pakistan?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: Romania invests substantially in the private sector, mainly in the fields which are in consonance with our immediate needs IT, banking & financing, light industry etc., as well as in the high technology and renewable energy. Despite the geographical distance we have many complementarities with the economy of Pakistan. Romania is a new starter as far as investments in the foreign markets are concerned, but having a real important dynamism of the exports is interested to see the sectorial progress made by the main Pakistani economic vectors. The bilateral juridical documents we have already concluded and the economic missions in the two countries whose number and quality have increased in the last couple of years call for optimism in assessing the future perspectives of our cooperation.

EVOLVE: How do you perceive the roadmapof mutual cooperation between the twonations in the long run?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: Besides the bilateral cooperation through mutual investments, we are also interested to find options of working together on the third markets where, Romania and Pakistan might conjugate their resources
and energies in the most constructive way. This is, unfortunately, a domain which had been somehow neglected lately because of focusing in the internal reconstruction of economy. Romania and Pakistan do have common areas of interest both geographically (Near East, Northern Africa etc.) and thematically (the common interest of developing sectors as IT and communications, civil constructions and infrastructure, agriculture etc.). There is a strong need tob strengthen the international economic cooperation and, simultaneously, to reconstruct the traditional relationship with the old friends, Pakistan among them. We expect confidently and with much hope that the economic ties between Romania and Pakistan will deepen and diversify in the years ahead. The real potential
of the two countries is huge and we should take full benefit of the already identified areas of complementarity of the two economies.

EVOLVE: What are the most appropriatesectors for Romanian businessmen to investin Pakistan?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: Romanian companies could be involved in development project in Pakistan by supplying equipment and other components. Our companies have the capacity and technical expertise to cooperate in areas such as oil and gas exploration and extraction, petrochemical refining facilities, tractors and farm equipment, training aircraft for military pilots, helicopter maintenances, security and surveillances systems, construction of high power lines, equipment for power plants, assembly of trucks and motor vehicles.

EVOLVE: What opportunities do you thinkPakistan lacks in providing to its youth,which hinders their career to flourish?

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: To the youth of Pakistan, I will always tell not to ever abandon the pride of belonging to a brilliant nation, to stand up against any form of discrimination, to fight for dignity and protect the human rights, to read and study continuously and believe that a magnificent future can and will be built only with their full participation. They have the intelligence and talent needed for building up a bright future for this nation, forthis beautiful country.

To the youth of Pakistan, I will always tell not to ever abandon the pride of belonging to a brilliant nation;
to fight for dignity and protect the human rights

EVOLVE: Your message for our readers EVOLVE Magazine.

Mr. Nicolae GOIA: I am a regular reader of EVOLVE. I have observed that it caters trust amongst partnerships and keep its readers posted on the current affairs, economy and investment prospects. Through this platform, I
would like to spread this message all over that I look forward to strengthen the international economic cooperation, and the economic ties between Romania and Pakistan; hopefully it will deepen and diversify in the years ahead.