Hassan Tahir CEO – Hi-Tech Lubricants Ltd

Hassan Tahir

CEO – Hi-Tech Lubricants Ltd

Transparency is the key ingredient of our success and consistent growth.?We never believe in hiding the facts or putting layers on the things

Mr. Hassan Tahir holds an MBA degree in banking / finance from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) and is the CEO of HTL. Mr. Hassan is a working professional since 2001 and believes that a satisfied customer brings? in not just more business but? also increases the goodwill of the Company.

His drive for excellent interpersonal skills and highest custom- er satisfaction led him to set up IT operations with back office processing (BOP) and IT infra- structure for major clients in ?UK/Europe.

With his motivational experience and hard work he helped the Company in launching mid-tier lubricant range in Pakistani Market in partnership with world?s two major oil companies. Mr. Hassan went on to launch an- other semi-synthetic range in Pa- kistan and was an even a bigger success. Rewarding achievements and motivating employees, that is how he turned HTL into a strong family.


We have observed through time that the truer you areto yourself and with the people around you the better result you face in impendingyears.

EVOLVE: Please share something about yourself, a brief overview of your profes- sional journey?

Hassan Tahir: My parents have always etched in us the value of education at all levels. My grandmother at her time went against all odds for education. Since childhood, I have been a hardworking student; I completed my Masters degree in Banking/Finance from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) in 1999. Soon after my graduation my father asked me to hunt for jobs. He was of the view that one should learn to sit on the other side of the table before taking charge of the big position/chair. I worked in a private bank named Deutsche Bank nearly around 1.5 years. Then in year 2000, I joined IT industry as per need of the time, because at that moment e-commerce was springing up in every nook and corner of the world.

Then I started to veer my journey in my family owned business. In 2003, I stepped into Sales and Distribution and ultimately concluded? that Sales is my forte. I have a strong believe? in myself that I am skilled to sell anything in the market. As my father and his partner had just started the company so I had a big room to make changes and implement things according to my will. I brought change in IT development, introduced leading practices, launched ZIPEX product in 2007. Hi-Tech Lubricants went into a triparty joint venture between SK Lubricants, South Korea and Pertamina, an Indonesian State Oil company. The key attribute of this joint venture was to market and distribute Pertamina?s Group mineral base lubricants in Pakistan.

EVOLVE: Tell our readers about Hi- Tech Lubricants and its achievement?

Hassan Tahir: In March 1997, Hi-Tech started to market lubricants in Pakistan. These Lubricants were imported from YU Kong Ltd (Now known as SK Lubricants Ltd.), South Korea. During the early days Hi-Tech Lubricants established its own distribution in Lahore and shaped a sales team to educate the local market on the use of synthetic lubricants. Pakistan?s Lubricant market during the late 90?s was predominantly a Mid/Low tier market with less understanding on API/SAE grades. Lubricant was sold on the basis of color and brand. There was no differentiation in application for Passenger car Motor Oil, Diesel Engine Oil and Motorcycle Oil.


There was no door-to-door delivery mechanism to facilitate the retailers, while resellers used to buy lubricants from the Oil Marketing Company?s warehouses. New distributors across Pakistan were established and separate sales force hired. Hi-Tech made sure that both products synthetic and mineral were distributed via different channels and teams. This was done? to keep the focus of old and new product sales intact while having a healthy competition be- tween teams.

EVOLVE: What is the secret of your organization?s continuous and consistent growth in Pakistan?

Hassan Tahir: Transparency is the key ingredient of our success and consistent growth. We never believe in hiding the facts or putting layers on the things. We? have observed?? ?through

time that the truer you are to yourself and with the people around you the better result you face in impending years. Our religion also emphasize on the importance of Truth.

EVOLVE: You must be facing a number of business challenges. How do you address them?

Hassan Tahir: During the past decade, the law and order situation in the country was a nightmare. There was a complete halt to new business investment whether it was local or foreign. Businesses relocated to other countries due to political instability and security threats. There was an enormous flight of capital outside Pakistan and economic growth was at a stand- still. However, as they say ?when the going gets tough the tough gets going?, Hi-Tech lubricants used this time to convert this economic threat into an opportunity, capitalizing on the market potential to the fullest. The company maintained a continuous growth in business and benefited from this economic slowdown.

EVOLVE: What is the importance of values in sustaining a company? Do values repel change?

Hassan Tahir: Start learning giving value to values. Value yourself, value people and value your product then you will be able to see the magic in air. We spend handsome amount of budget on our staff training in our organization. We focus rather ensure that positive air to be breathed by every soul of our company.

EVOLVE: What kind of culture you have maintained in your organization and how?would you throw light in its significance?

Hassan Tahir: We have a very friendly environment at our company. As I aforementioned, that transparency is the pivotal factor in our consistent growth so I try?? to inculcate this factor in our culture as well. We are professionals in maintaining standards, key perform- er indicators, value system. Moreover, we are easily approachable from top to bottom level. I am open to everyone; anybody can talk to me, call me or come to meet me.

We spend handsome amount of budget on our staff training in our organization. We focus rather ensure that positive air to be breathed by every soul of our company.

EVOLVE: How do you prevent mistakes and prac- tice damage control?

Hassan Tahir: It is human nature that we tend to make mistakes whether deliberately or accidently. As far as I am concerned, I analyze the mistake and make sure that it won?t happen again. The damage is repair- able but if you keep repeating the same mistake then it is not digestible.

EVOLVE: How do you look at the lubricant industry in Pakistan and its current market trends?

Hassan Tahir: It is evolving with a fast pace. I can see a positive trend. The most important thing in setting market trend is that one must know about the segment one targeting. We have offered specific product for specific item which has drawn people attention towards us.

EVOLVE: What distinguishes your company from its competitors?

Hassan Tahir: No ifs and buts about it, that?s the quality of our product. SK Lubricants is number one producer and holding 51 percent of world share. The skills we have set within the team and distribution, it gives us edge over others. Nobody in the market sell the synthetic lubricants as much as we sell. We are the?market leader.

EVOLVE: Is there any company that has ever im- pressed you?

Hassan Tahir: Yes, Caltex in terms of quality product, consumer loyalty and distribution. And I am inspired by Steve Jobs as a person. He has brought revolution in the world.

EVOLVE: What is the recipe to achieve long-term success?

Hassan Tahir: Success is not always about ?Greatness?, it?s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come by the time. Success is not overnight. It?s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.

EVOLVE: Where do you see yourself and your organization in next 5-10 years?

Hassan Tahir: The future of Hi Tech Lubricants Limit- ed is bright and will shine like a rising star. The share- holders will enjoy high returns on their investments and will be smiling all the way. The expansion plans are aligned with the management?s vision of leveraging the brand equity to grow many folds. In backward integration, plant production will insure right product is delivered in time with enough storage to facilitate growth.

EVOLVE: Any message for the readers of EVOLVE magazine?

Hassan Tahir: I believe one should have faith in them- selves. Dream the impossible, seek the unknown and achieve greatness. Never minimize your goal due to the failure you face. Accept the challenges and do it now, because sometime ?later? becomes ?never?.