EVOLVE: Please share rundown of your professional background with us?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: First of all, I am grateful to EVOLVE for giving me the opportunity to interact with its readers. As far as my professional background is concerned I have served with Societe General Bank in Spain. The Societe Generale Group has been in Spain since 1906 offering retail banking products. Today, the Group is one of the major actors on the Spanish market. Then I served in Curves International. Curves International is a leading logistic company having its presence in 70 countries around the world. After these two high profile exposures, I went for a unique line of business that is Parking Service business for the main Spanish cities airports, ports and train station. Simultaneously, I am also in footwear business and exporting a Spanish footwear brand.


EVOLVE: What motivated you to get associated with CEO Clubs Worldwide, USA?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: In west, importance of networking has been recognized very early that?s why we have many CEO clubs in Spain. Actually it?s all about being nice with people. Networking is also an essential part of building wealth. As far as CEO CLUBS WORLDWIDE is concerned, local clubs have no comparison with this global platform. This was the core reason to sign with CEO Clubs World Wide. Moreover, this platform also contributes to the intellectual need of a CEO that is very crucial for growth. Mr. Joseph himself is a very intellectual personality and writer of many books. So this way this Club grows wealth and wisdom simultaneously.


EVOLVE: How are you inspiring non-members to get attracted towards CEO Clubs Worldwide?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: This is really a great task to attract people towards a club where they already have memberships of similar platforms but in my view the global connectivity is need of the day and only the CEO CLUBS WORLDWIDE is offering this huge benefit. When chapters will coordinate with each other, then the opportunities for new mergers, joint ventures and business development appear. This value will attract the non-members to be part of this club.

EVOLVE: What are the important benchmarks if kept in a right direction can help any company to climb a ladder of success?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: I am very much clear about this. These are as below;
1.Effective Leadership
2.Intelligent Management
3.Professional Services
4.Skilful Team
EVOLVE: How to maintain a diversified culture in your organization ensuring the respect of every belief/doctrine?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: The story of maintaining the culture starts with right selection of resource for your organization. If you select the right man he will follow your norms. Here, the role of management is also very crucial as they have to set example by their actions and show respect for every belief and set of guide lines. Then it comes to the continuous professional development of employee that grooms him at such a level that he automatically follows the rules of game.


EVOLVE: What are your leadership ways to formally appraise the performance of employees?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: It varies as appraisal or reward is not just about raise in money. I have diversified plan to encourage my employees.

EVOLVE: How as a CEO you communicate your organization?s strategic directions?

Jose Maria Perez Gomez: It is quite simple as I remain in touch with my team. I always go for analysis, keep eye on market and its trends.