Evovle: Every journey starts from somewhere, every story has that one momentan experience, getting desperate, getting fed up; what was your inspiration?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: Well, I was quite fortunate that at a very age of 25 years, I was a co-founder of a company which earned lot of money that paved my way to reassure my vocation consequently making castle in the air. I did my electrical engineering degree at WPI and returned to Entrepreneurship for the next seven years. I stroked with a begin inkling which convinced me that education is expedient albeit a very slow way of learning.

I despotically metamorphosed my view that learning by experience is better than learning of a classroom. Thats why in 1977, I left the school and started CEO Club so we may learn by experience which is the most rewarding and important type of learning from one another. When I was at school, I wrote 27 books and seven million copies of those books were sold, so my name was known. Within a span of one year I had a few hundred members of CEO Club. For first 25 years I worked only in USA and today about 16,000 CEOs from all cities of America joined my CEO Club. Till then, I had no overseas plans but in year 1999-2000 I went to China. Moreover, US Government supported me financially to conduct Government Goodwill Seminars and then I got the opportunity to visit Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Now it is comprising of chapters in 14 countries around the globe including USA, Pakistan, UAE, China, India, Spain, Romania, South Africa, Greece, many more.

Evovle: What challenges and hindrances you had to face in your journey?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: CEOs are like calling cats. You can understand it through an example. If you have a cat and a dog, when you call the dog it comes to you and it will be happy to see you but the cat never comes when you call it. You have to catch the cat and CEO is same thing like cat that you to catch him. For me, in the beginning it was very difficult for me as I spent money and faced some loss but later I used some high profile American names like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Mike Bloomberg. They were speakers at my events and these events were attended by CEOs who wanted to listen and learn from them. Over the past three decades, CEO Clubs have attracted prominent figures such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, just a name few who have addressed the Clubs.

Secondly, I arranged small groups to visit different destinations. I made these trips to almost 30 places including China and Dubai and the CEOs made money (and had fun) out of these trips. Hence the CEO CLUBS mission became Making Money and having Fun, while we are learning. To me, the more you make money, more happiness you get.

Evovle: How do you perceive the role of marketing to make the business successful?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: As far as CEO Clubs is concerned I have never done any marketing activity for this prestigious platform but people do advertise on my website. I believe in referral because without referral you will be out of business.

May name was also known because of my books thats why I did not need any marketing. For a magazine, you will have to organize terrific events as all the leading magazines in the world do. This will not only generate revenue but also increase the leadership. To me you will have to be tactful rather than using conventional methods.

Evovle: Do you find any conflicts on your way while working with people of various economic environments having entirely different practices? Is there alignment or misalignment at the different levels?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: Yes, obviously there were. For example, in China, big shots do not speak English. That was the biggest issue. I have visited China for 30 times and can speak a bit Chinese myself. Now they know me and trust me. Today, in China 500 million people can speak English while this number is 300 million in USA. China is my no.1 market. We make more money in

China than any other country. India is launched on 2nd number in terms if big economy. I have launched Greece, Romania, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Egypt chapters. As far as the ranking of chapters is concerned USA is no.1, while China is no. 2, India no. 3, Pakistan no. 4 and Spain is on no.5. I only go with big economies.

Evovle: Do you personally believe and support that economic development should be led by the private sector and supported by the public sector?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: In America the government doesnt give us any help. This is the reason that Chinese like CEO Club. If there is governments money, then Chinese will not trust us. We want money from private sector and want government to stay away from our business. We do not want government support.

In terms of Pakistan, it is interesting that 30 years ago, the public sector was stronger than the private sector. Probably, it will be better to have government support as far as Pakistan is concerned. The problem with government support is that when you have it, you have to make the government happy as per their standards.

Evovle: How do you find people to bring into your organization that truly care about the organization the way you do?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: Finding the right person for right job. Success story starts with the selection of right team. The hard card for me is to look for the people who think like me and share the same personality. The trouble is that you don not find the right person in your first attempt. You have to browse and explore. For CEO Club the partner must have a strong network with quest of learning and fun with a basic ingredient of honesty.

Evovle: Do you believe that is there any secret or formula for long term success?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: The rule of the thumb is hard work and luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get. I firmly believe that strategic vision with zeal to achieve more, but within the realm of professional norms always pay in the long run. We always have to keep on exploring at every level; may it be an improvement in products, processes or our customer services, there is always a room for improvement. There is a non-stop struggle to improve and never compromise on quality.

Evovle: What makes you happy and how do you transform challenges into opportunities?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: The moments passed with my family are happy moments for me. Moreover, I prefer hooking up my family on all my trips. Everything in life is a matter of perspective and

indeed we must always work with the positive mindset to want to find the opportunities in the daily challenges that we face. It is also important to envision the future and all the potential challenges along the journey. This will then ensure you are better prepared versus your competition to face them when they happen.

Evovle: Excluding yours, which personality or business do you admire the most?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: Steve Jobs, thats my hero. I also have written a book on him. As he was considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs and inspiration for many. With his directions, the company started to produce revolutionary technologies, few of them are Iphone and Ipad. There are competitors who struggled to produce same products but they couldnt match and this is why Apple became the face of technology.

Warren Buffet is another name of success that I admire the most. He identified potential low-value deals and turned them big with his visionary approach. Berkshire Hathaway is one of the few examples where he invested in Berkshire with little knowledge about textiles and eventually turned the companys target. He inspires me with the point where knowledge is always more important as knowledge is power. He educates to never give up on anything.

Evovle: Keeping in view the presence of chapters around the globe. With respect to this fact, what are the subsequent plans of CEO Clubs Worldwide and how graciously it would be upholding engineering in this high-tech period of time among the rest?

Mr. Joseph Mancuso: As founder of CEO Clubs Worldwide, I am thrilled to share our subsequent plans that reflect the global presence of our chapters. In this high tech period, we are embracing innovation and engineering to elevate our services and hence for that we are working to launch our app that will encompass all advanced features. With the constant guidance of Mr. Muhammad Ijaz, whom I have closely collaborated with, we are strategically positioning CEO Clubs Worldwide at forefront of technological advancements.

We are implementing cutting edge solutions to enhance networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and member engagement across our global chapters. Mr. Muhamad Ijaz is already leading and continuing my position to work on my vision and further globalize it. He has planned the next 10 years agenda in which CEO Clubs Worldwide will be expanding its footprints in more 40-45 countries.

I am confident in the seamless transition and continued growth of our organization. Furthermore, we will navigate the dynamic landscape of the high-tech era ensuring that CEO club worldwide remains beacon of excellence, fostering meaningful connections and empowering CEO Club Worldwide.

Evovle: As we know EVOLVE is an official publication of CEO Clubs Worldwide. In your perspective how Evolve is portraying its part in this regard?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: EVOLVE is a business and investment focused magazine initiative that aims to bring business communities closer by sharing future business prospects. Through this publication, efforts are made to bridge the gulf between the business communities of countries worldwide. It encourages and urge the business communities for joint ventures in multiple fields. These partnerships will not only flourish the economy but also affect the long term healthy relationship between the nations.

It shares view, reviews and intellectual contribution of ruling eminent personalities, businessmen, noteworthy speakers and global thinkers. Being a part of CEO Clubs Worldwide, you can build strong market penetration of your brand and its business facts. It is a bridging organizations together and is influencing business managers to take a boost to their brands.

Evovle: Any message for Pakistanis?
Mr. Joseph Mancuso: My message for the people of Pakistan is that they should embrace their strengths, believe in their potential and have unity. With determination, passion and kindness, they can mold a better future for Pakistan. Never underestimate the power of your dreams dream big, work hard and preserve in the pursuit of your goals. Keep pushing boundaries and never stop believing in impossible.