Mr. Mehmood Bhatti Pakistani French Apparel Designer

EVOLVE: Please tell us something about your background? Share life struggles in Pakistan before moving to Europe.

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: I was born in Lahore, graduated from Government College Lahore in 1977. As far as my life is concerned; it was quite difficult in Pakistan, my financial status was indefinitely awful. Without adequate facilities of maintenance; it was challenging to spend life in parent’s absence. Life is itself a challenge where efforts lead us to success. With the blessings of God, initiated my struggle towards the betterment of my life which eventually turned my career to a successful business.

EVOLVE: What convinced you to move to Europe? And share initial difficulties and challenges you had faced there?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: As mentioned earlier that life was very difficult for me in Pakistan so with the help of a friend, I managed to move to Europe with the thoughts that life would be easier there but it was not the case. Life has been very tough there as well initially for me. I didn’t have appropriate place to live and proper clothes to wear to protect myself from the extreme weather conditions. I used to sleep in the underground Metro when it got too cold on the benches at my first job as a sweeper.

EVOLVE: Mainly you are known as a famous fashion designer so what is fashion for you? The idea of your personal views about the word fashion and all about the fashion industry and who and which things are the inspiration while creating any design?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Fashion to me, represents life. Wearing something that would make you feel creative, vibrant and stronger enough to stand out- that’s when one feel alive, involved and connected to the world. I always keep myself up-to-date with the ongoing fashion trends by keeping an eye on remarkably fashion divas, celebs and how particularly they carry themselves with the current fashion waves. So, in this way I get inspiration for my fashion collections, as in my profession one should be very innovative at every single stage. You cannot copy others in West and in fact I always thrive to do unique work which is probably one of the reasons behind my success and fame around the world.

EVOLVE: Why did you choose fashion designing as a career? If you were not a fashion designer, what career you would have chosen?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: I haven’t chosen this career of fashion designing with intention; this is all my fate to become a designer. I have never gone to any fashion designing school; all I have learned from the place where I used to work which was a fashion Store. I used to observe the styles and trends of models who were working there at that time. So, it’s all by chance that I got into this field. I also worked as a salesman in a ladies’ garment store, that was the time when things started improving. Fortunately, my appearance and manners not only multiplied my customers but also made me famous among all my clients. So, that’s how I learned the art of dress designing.

EVOLVE: Fashion designing is interesting as well as a multi skills involving profession. According to you, what are the skills that are necessary for becoming a successful fashion designer?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Passion, consistency and loyalty are very vital in life. One shouldn’t replicate others instead of creating their own immaculate thought process to produce designs. A fashion designer must know different languages, cultures and manners to move around the globe. For me, one should learn all the creative skills such as latest fashion designing tools, marketing and should have a very unique aesthetic sense.

EVOLVE: What do you think about work ethics and what kind of ethics you believe in one should follow in professional life?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: There should be appropriate schedule of a day, punctuality and organizing your work is the obligation. We should respect women and grant equal opportunity to diversity in work. Work ethics define your company’s values and norms; I have always been attentive to follow work ethics like appearance, attendance, attitude, character, communication, cooperation, organizational skills, productivity, respect and teamwork.

EVOLVE: You are a successful and very famous designer without any doubt but there’s always a room for improvement so what are your weaknesses like areas where you think you should focus more to improve? Also share your strengths that have made you a distinguished designer?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: No one is perfect but we can try at least to become the best version of ourselves. I have a flexible nature and I grow and change my apparels style as per the trending fashion, otherwise one will lag behind if doesn’t change with the time. I have succeeded in making a fortune for myself with exemplary hard work, commitment and dedication. Today I have very good reputation and status among many famous France designers due to my habit of working efficiently for long hours, from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm daily. 

EVOLVE: At very young age you have started earning good and earned much fame, so what do you think that professional mistakes you have made and what lessons you learned from them? 

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Yes, l made mistake like everyone. One thing that I learned so far is to maintain defined boundaries. Stay humble, dedicated and well-behaved, especially women.

EVOLVE: As we all know that from last few months, the life has been very difficult due to COVID for all of us, so you must have also been facing many business challenges, how do you address them and how you manage or handle work and personal life stress? 

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: I have suffered much in business due to COVID just as other businesses around the globe. But fortunately, I have invested in different businesses so I managed things carefully during the crisis. To handle stress, I spend quality time at home, play tennis, and engage myself busy in doing my favorite stuff like listening and watching my favorite movies and music.

EVOLVE: You have worked both in Pakistan and abroad so in your opinion, what are the main differences between Pakistan and foreign business culture?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: In Pakistan life is convenient for people with deep pockets while in abroad you have do it yourself, you can’t depend on helpers for your work. People are more professional and organized in abroad.

EVOLVE: Being a successful self-made businessman, in your perspective what is the recipe to achieve long term success? What is the most important traits one should adopt to become successful? What are your future business plans?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Perseverance is the key to achieve long term success. By staying focused and pursuing the set goals, I believe that we can achieve what we strive for. Today, sustainability in good practices drives success. Nothing lasts forever, so if you want a long-term success, keep on updating yourself with the trending norms and styles, be focused on your career and always learn new skills with the time, keep your eyes on your surroundings otherwise in this fast-paced era your competitors will take the lead. I always advice new generation that one should have more than one business, never depend on one source of income.

EVOLVE: You have visited many countries so far so which country is your favorite to go to spend your holidays?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: In first place it’s Pakistan; not because I am native but in actual it’s beautiful and then comes Paris and Italy. Quite frequently I prefer to visit where people respect my presence and as a result I can enjoy.

EVOLVE: In last, what message you would like to give to new generation and youth who would like to opt Fashion designing as their career?

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Life is an endless struggle, we face challenges each day, and whoever reconciles with this fact will definitely succeed in life. Whatever I am today, famous, rich, influential, and renowned; all because of consistent hard work and believe in self, spill your sweat and blood and no power in the world can stop you from achieving your goals. Youth should visit foreign countries to gather inspiration for fashion from different countries. Students should not copy others instead of that they should work hard to make their own identity in this field.

EVOLVE: What are your thoughts on print media around the globe and what would you like to say to the readers of Evolve Business Publication? 

Mr. Mehmood Bhatti: Publications should print the real and authentic information. True success stories should be published on merit. Let us hope for the brightening future of our country. Pakistan is a country of youth with considerable talent. All we need is to harness and direct it towards productivity.