Mr. Usman Ali Ashraf Director – Kamran Steel

EVOLVE: Would you be kind enough to share the road map of your professional journey with our readers?

Usman Ali Ashraf: As a child I was entranced by my fathers business. His life of clients, suits and money incapsulated my vision of what a business man use to do. I had in my mind that I wanted to follow his footsteps into the business world. I commenced my career as a business entity with him when I had days off, to see the ropes of how he spent his time. I would take notes of the words he used to convince clients, and how important it was to have connections. I got my undergrad degree in business from LSE (lahore school of economics), where I learned how to incomplete into the business world. However, I felt that a national approach wouldn’t be as good as going international, so I decided that for my masters degree, I would study from Melbourne, Australia. I got an opportunity to enter into Deakin University in Melbourne at the age of 26, and I graduated in 2014. As I came back to my own homeland Pakistan from where I saw first the beam of hope at Kamran Steel. I got promoted because of my global associations and wide range of knowledge. I swiftly made my way up at the corporate ladder. By 2017, within a lapse of over 2 years at Kamran Steel, I took charge as managing director. I have the tasks of looking after business development, clients and responding to their requests

EVOLVE: Your company has helped Pakistan’s steel industry in becoming a pace-setter in understanding and implementing state-of-the-art technology and machinery into steel making. How do you shed light upon the fact?

Usman Ali Ashraf: Well, it wasn’t always the same. When I joined, our factories were like any other factories in Pakistan; using the traditional methods of melting and rolling. However, the main problem with old machinery is that it is incredibly inefficient. We went through some of the biggest steel producers in the world, and observed the methods they used. We try to overcome our flaws by strengthening our quality assurance techniques. As a leader in the steel industry, Kamran Steel has taken the lead in adapting their practices in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize overall climate impact of steel manufacturing. For this purpose, we have launched voluntary emission reduction programs and acquired certification from international organizations to vouch for our environment friendly practices. For the future too, Kamran Steel will ensure precision calculation and management towards reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as opposed to improvements in emissions intensity levels that occur normally over time. We are committed towards purchasing and producing renewable energy, investing in low-carbon technologies, working to improve energy efficiency, and offering new products and services aimed at reducing emissions through practical strategies for the steel industry of Pakistan. Our company consists of a state-of-the-art fully automatic rolling mill with production capacity of up to 25 tones per hour. High gradation of automation enables us to produce international quality steel bars. Our company is equipped with experience, dedication, technical knowledge and an extensive approach to steel making that emphasizes its priority of serving the nation.
EVOLVE: What is the secret of Kamran Steels continuous and consistent growth resulting in its persistent expansion at such a massive scale?

Usman Ali Ashraf: The main secret behind our organizations successful development and expansion is perseverance and commitment to highest professional standards. While comparing our organization with other organizations we try to figure out the fundamental differences of our projects. Therefore, our challenges are unique and complex. We realize that commitment to highest professional standards not only helps you to deliver quality, also helps in removing obstacles, that come along the way.

EVOLVE Kindly let our readers know how your company does Quality Control for steel?

Usman Ali Ashraf: At Kamran Steel, quality is tested at every stage for a better product. In order to achieve good quality, we import our raw materials from the best ferrous scrap suppliers around the world. We are equipped with modern wet labs facilities and latest Spectro labs from Germany through which quality control measures are practiced to the product quality standards. The Spectro labs determine the physical and chemical composition of the steel billets and steel bars. Universal testing machines are used to conduct a stress test at the steel bars and provide accurate reading of the tensile, compression, bending, shearing of metal ensuring that the bars are manufactured under strict quality standards.

EVOLVE: What are the factors that can increase the competitive edge of an organization?

Usman Ali Ashraf: By accurately identifying and analyzing your firms target market and competition, you can identify potential opportunities for success in selling your product or service. These opportunities, which your competitors may have overlooked, will provide your firm with the vision to develop marketing mix far superior than your competition.

EVOLVE: What are the principal measures your company is planning to implement for reduction in energy costs and acquisition of energy resources in near future?

Usman Ali Ashraf: As I mentioned earlier, we are constantly looking to upgrade our machinery, and trying to make them energy efficient. This practice would result in getting the same output with a reduced amount of energy.
However, the government should subsidize energy costs for the steel industry (and select other industries) to make it more competitive so that Pakistan can make its mark in steel production.
EVOLVE: What are your plans and directions for companys business growth for next five years? Usman Ali Ashraf: We already have plans of expanding our company by installing one of the largest rolling mills in Pakistan; producing 50 tons of steel rebars an hour. We also have deals and partnerships with large steel producers around the world, which would substantially increase the global presence of our brand. Not only this, we are undergoing complete overhauls at some of our factories to ensure our production efficiency is up to the mark.

EVOLVE: What are the major challenges the steel industry faces now a days?

Usman Ali Ashraf: The major challenges we face are some of the steel producers use fraudulent means of reducing costs for staying competitive in the market. For example, some producers do not pay the FED levied to us, do not pay sales tax, or gas bills. All these corrupt means of cost saving make their prices competitive in the market. As a result, honest producers like us struggle hard to survive regardless of our best quality and relatively high prices compared to prices of dishonest and corrupt competitors.

EVOLVE: What are the major challenges the steel industry faces now a days?

Usman Ali Ashraf: Follow your dreams and be passionate about them. This is the only key to get a long-term success.