EVOLVE: Please share rundown of your?professional background with us?

Park Jin-Han: I?m the CEO of KDOT, which mainly organize local or international conferences and exhibitions in Korea. Our main clients are usually government and various companies.

EVOLVE: What motivated you to get associated?with CEO Clubs Worldwide, USA?

Park Jin-Han: I think my network and information which are related with Korean government and companies might be a big help for other CEO Clubs members to make new business chance in Korea. And Korean members also have the same chance in CEO Clubs. So I decided to join this club.

EVOLVE: What are the core contributions?you are vending through the prestigious?platform of CEO Clubs Worldwide?

Park Jin-Han: By introducing our network with Korean government, institutions and companies to Worldwide CEO Clubs? members, we can make a lot of possibilities for Korean members to have new business with international members from various fields in CEO Clubs. Also, we can enjoy meeting worldwide members and have fun together, making friends abroad and exchange information each other. Finally, we can grow together.

EVOLVE: How are you inspiring non-members?to get attracted towards CEO Clubs?Worldwide?

Park Jin-Han: We have a regular meeting with our members to promote our meeting schedule and sharing information about each chapter to non-members who are interested in CEO Clubs. EVOLVE: What are the important benchmarks if kept in a right direction can help any company to climb a ladder of success? Park Jin-Han: To success in my field, the most important benchmark is to learn from the past failure – what was wrong and what should I revise, etc. From this process, it is certain for me to make my company successful.

EVOLVE: How do you balance pursuing opportunities?and maintaining focus?

Park Jin-Han: To make balance between pursuing opportunities and maintaining focus, I can go step by step. From the beginning of running
company, I always try to meet many people who have various experience and to find new business possibilities. After building my own network with many people and collecting various chances for me, I find out which one is best opportunity for my company and then I focus on my decision.

EVOLVE: How to maintain a diversified?culture in your organization ensuring the?respect of every belief/doctrine?

Park Jin-Han: In my company, everyone has his/her own values and thought, so I ensure individuals? rights and freedom at the workplace. And by letting all the employees know that everyone is doing an important role in our company, I can help them cooperate each other.

To success in my field, the most important benchmark is to learn from the past failure – what was wrong and what should I revise, etc. From this process, it is certain for me to make my company successful.

EVOLVE: What are your leadership ways to?formally appraise the performance of employees?

Park Jin-Han: I provide some employees who performed well in the project with incentive and other reward system in company to make better result. Also, I made the welfare system for the employees to encourage them to play an active role in all the projects.

EVOLVE: How as a CEO you communicate?your organization?s strategic directions?

Park Jin-Han: I always suggest that all relationship within the company should be horizontal, not vertical. So we can express and?exchange our own ideas freely, and then everyone can grow together for the company.

EVOLVE: How do you communicate a lucid company?s?vision to each employee?

Park Jin-Han: I can show company?s vision to my employees, but sometimes, I ask them to tell their vision of company. It makes them to learn, feel and practice their vision. Through this process, everyone can make our company?s vision together.

EVOLVE: What is the biggest obstacle you have bcome across in your professional journey?

Park Jin-Han: While I was working a few years ago, I was diagnosed with blood cancer. For me, It was so shocked that I couldn?t do anything for some days and I had no idea about myself. However, I never gave up my life. With the positive mind, I focused on that I could be getting better and better in my health. There were also a lot of support from my family and friends. Thanks to them, I bring back to a healthy life. With this expensive
experience, now I run CEO Clubs Korea with positive thinking. So I?m sure that I can be successful with CEO Clubs.?jin2

EVOLVE: Can you name a person who has had a?tremendous impact on you as a Leader?

Park Jin-Han: In Korean history, there was the great leader, a general Lee Sun-shin. At his battle, he had only a few battleships, but there were so many battleships on the opposite side. But he never lost his courage and believed his valiant warriors. He faced with all the challenges and then finally got the winning.

EVOLVE: How do you perceive about Pakistan?and what are your future plans to take?business initiative in Pakistan?

Park Jin-Han: Korea and Pakistan started FTA co-research after the commerce minister, Khurram Dastgir Khan visited Korea on July in 2015. This was the great start for building our relationship. I expect that from now on, we can make it greater to exchange trade and culture between Korea and Pakistan. So, Through many exchange, CEO Clubs KOREA will do our best to support Pakistan chapter for making many business chances between Korea and Pakistan members.

EVOLVE: Any message to the readers of?EVOLVE?

Park Jin-Han: Hello everyone! I am Park Jin-han, CEO of CEO Clubs KOREA. I?m really happy to meet all the readers in Pakistan through EVOLVE magazine. And I celebrate the Pakistan chapter opening. In the future, I hope that we can make stronger network between Korea and Pakistan members by various exchange. CEO Clubs KOREA will do our best for the growth of both chapters? members. Finally, I wish Pakistan chapter tremendous success.