QAISER ABBAS Founder & Chief Inspiring Officer- Possibilities

QAISER ABBAS Founder & Chief Inspiring Officer- Possibilities


EVOLVE: Please share something about?yourself, a brief overview of your professional

Qaiser Abbas: I was born in a dreadfully constrained environment. I thought I will never be able to beat my circumstances. Everybody around convinced me that this is your destiny. Everybody did their very best to prove that this is the only life and no other life exists for someone like me.
Part of my adverse circumstances was being born in a large poor family living below the poverty line. I was not being able to fulfill any of my childhood desires. My babyhood was a picture of deprivation. My youth was a true example of negative self-image and lowest self-esteem. I used to believe that life is unfair, I am inferior and I don?t deserve a good life. I knew deep down within that my circumstances can never change, I am destined to remain unsuccessful, I am not smart enough and I am not capable of doing anything worthwhile. In other words I was all set to share my ?victim story? with the world. I had already started telling everyone around how helpless, pitiable and pathetic my circumstances were that lead me to this disgraceful life. And then came a day when I decided to change my life. A day came when I decided to stop blaming and complaining. A day came when I decided to take 100% responsibility of my own life. A day when I decided to stop comparing myself with others. A day when despite millions of self-doubting thoughts, I decided to trust my abilities. A day when I decided to turn my ?victim story? in to a ?success story?. Then a miracle took place. My decided in a very short span of time totally changed my conditions. My adversity was replaced by prosperity; defeat gave way to success, chronic depression ran away and happiness set in, confidence replaced all doubts about my very being, dimness was taken over by joy, enthusiasm kicked out
boredom, complaining was bogged down by responsibility and blaming was replaced with a deeper sense of gratitude. My decisions helped me emerge stronger and tougher to deal with my adverse circumstances. Now I travel around the globe helping people build the courage to challenge and change their circumstance, overcome adversities and live their dreams. I encourage people to replace self- doubt with self-belief, hatred with love and disappointment with hope. I inspire people through my own story and make them believe that in every adversity, there is an opportunity that we can take advantage of. In the last 14 years, through my team, I have been actively helping world?s top multinational companies, governments, educational institutes, and non-profit organizations through our cutting-edge leadership teambuilding and coaching tools. I have coached superstars of sports, movies, media, science and business. My clients include fortune 500 companies like Nestle, GE, Toyota, Philips, Total, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, World Bank, WHO, L?Oreal, OMV, Monsanto, Schlumberger and US Embassy to name a few.


EVOLVE: Tell our readers about Possibilities,?its mission and achievements?

Qaiser Abbas: Possibilities is driven by a powerful purpose; enabling organizations, teams and individuals unlock their true potential. Through our cutting edge learning and consulting solutions, we reach out to over 50 thousand people every year. Some of our key clients include Nestle, GE, Toyota, PepsiCo, Abbott,?Total, Schlumberger, Unilever, Philips, WHO and US Embassy.

EVOLVE: What set you apart from other motivational?speakers and what qualifications do you possess?for your job?

Qaiser Abbas: My core strength is my story. Though for many years, I didn?t believe in my own story. I could never imagine that all my burdens are going to turn into blessings. All the stuff of the past that I once was totally ashamed of is going to become my biggest strength. I could never even think in my wildest dreams that my moments of pain can convert into moments of pride. What sets me apart is that I don?t work alone. I have a big team to support every assignment that I undertake. We do a lot of pre-delivery analysis. We don?t believe in superficial work. Even for a 20-minute talk, I prepare for not less than 20 hours. I focus on results. I work very hard. I am a born giver. I believe in giving more than what I am paid for. I dig deeper. I relate my message with the real issues faced by teams and organizations. I was lucky to learn in the beginning that the best marketing of a trainer is the training program itself. This one learning changed the way I think. I have not attended any networking events and forums for the last 7 years. I don?t go to conferences. Also I do absolutely no marketing. We don?t have a business development team. We don?t send email shots, nobody from our company visits any clients for business. 7 years back, I stopped putting my mobile phone on my business cards. I don?t do any public workshops. 100% of my work is producing customized learning experiences. The major reason of my success is our clients. They have been very kind. They believed in us, our ideas, our approach and allowed us to experiment.



EVOLVE: We find people in the corporate world?highly stressed. What do you think is the reason?for this? Why people are just not happy despite?having money & qualifications? What is happening?& why?

Qaiser Abbas: Achievement is a science. However, fulfillment is an art. If you don?t experience a sense of fulfillment inside, it doesn?t matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, you are bound to remain stressed. Over the last 14 years, I have worked as a Success Coach with top CEOs, and superstars of movies, sports and business. This was quiet shocking for me to see that despite being at the top of their games, some of these super achievers were inwardly empty, broken and unfulfilled. The fame, money, status and power they had gained over the years for which they had paid a?heavy price, were no longer satisfying them. In most private and heart to heart discussions with me, they confessed that they indeed were in deep pain. True happiness and fulfillments comes when you focus on giving. When you go away from self-centeredness and begin to focus on helping others experience happiness, you too experience true cheerfulness.

EVOLVE: How does one can handle stress?at a personal and professional level?

Qaiser Abbas: Stress-free living is a mindset. You cannot avoid incidents and events to take place. But you can choose to act resourcefully. You need to build the identity of a person who is ?hard to stress?. Just to give you an example, I had an extremely packed day today. Early morning team meeting, one large group motivational talk, one coaching engagement, then 4pm flight for Karachi and a series of assignments here in Karachi too. Multiple things went wrong today. Like always, I chose to remain resourceful. My presentation for both major assignments just ?disappeared? from my laptop. I was about to slip into deep stress. But I decided to focus on what I can still do to make the most from what I am left with.

EVOLVE: You tell people to maintain their?work-life balance. How is it possible in today?s?world where there is stiff competition
from getting jobs to getting customers?

Qaiser Abbas: Work life balance is the toughest challenges of all. Focus in the major key to address this challenge. Professionals need to learn how to slow down. How to separate important from the trivial. They need to learn how to say no, how to eliminate what doesn?t need to be done. How to delegate effectively. how to create tight bubbles of concentration. By mastering these basic tools, that we all know but don?t practice; we can dramatically reduce the number of hours we work in a day and make more time available for the family. Professionals can re-arrange their days in a manner where they can include family into their routine.

Stress-free living is a mindset. You cannot avoid incidents and events to take place. But you can choose to act resourcefully. You need to build the identity of a person who is ?hard to stress?.

EVOLVE: What are some specific examples?of how your philosophy has helped people?

Qaiser Abbas: What people have repeatedly reported to me is that my philosophy goes way beyond the traditional peak performance?or success tools. It essentially is a mindset that challenges you to listen to your inner calling, redirect your enormous potential to move toward it, and live gracefully with an unquestionable legacy. This philosophy guides and inspires you to live with purpose and passion, and achieve a matchless performance every day. The best thing this philosophy gives you is the genius of building alignment between what is your reason for existence, what is that you are really passionate about and how you can make a

Work lifebalance is thetoughest challengesof all. Focus in themajor key toaddress thischallenge

conscious commitment to perform at the optimum levels to which others can only desire. The right configuration, alliance and union between purpose, passion and performance brings a deeper sense of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment to

your life. It guarantees goal achievement, balanced living, fulfillment and a profound sense of accomplishment each and every day. People using my purpose, passion & performance philosophy, embark on a journey that gives free rein to their true potential. Their daily stresses, worries and anxieties get transformed into their allies to help them achieve breakthrough performances in major areas of their life. They move away from excuses and
start orchestrating positive changes in life. They get rid of the justifications, explanations, and rationalizations that have reinforced this unspoken belief that they are mediocre. They stop apologizing and start living the life that is out there somewhere waiting for them.

EVOLVE: How should one decide whether?one is more suited to be an entrepreneur?or for a job?

Qaiser Abbas: Let me give you couple of signs to watch for. You are certainly destined to be an entrepreneur if you see one of these signs:
1. When you have an idea and you feel the same excitement about it that you once used to feel about the special days of your life. Remember the days when you woke up in the morning and you were totally excited, enthused and energetic because you were looking forward to something. If some idea pulls you in the same manner, you are on your way to be an entrepreneur.
2. Imagine you have all the money in the word, and starting from today, you will never have to worry again for making money. And here is an idea stuck in your mind that forces you to go for work.
3. You have some special talent or gifts. You love doing them so much that you are willing to do it free, without expecting to get money in return? If your passion has gone to this level, you are not fit for a job. Go for your own business. Because, what you are ready to do free for pure love, not for money; that?s exactly the work world will be ready to pay you for hugely.

EVOLVE: Any message for the readers of?EVOLVE magazine?

Qaiser Abbas: It took me 24 years to discover the truth that purpose is who you are and passion is what you do. When who you are is totally aligned with what you do, you become totally unstoppable. When I built the alignment between my purpose and passion, my life began to experience a new level of excitement. When you choose to live every day with purpose and passion and commit to optimum performance; both your achievement and fulfillment are guaranteed.