EVOLVE: Please share something aboutyourself, a brief overview of your professionaljourney?

Sohail Shahzad: After completing my degree in business administration, I tried my luck in construction business. Soon I came to know that this is a different world. Then, after a careful assessment, I found that I could have my career in Compressed Air Solutions. Since then, it is about thirteen years that I am in this business. I had the opportunity to see all the aspects and dimensions of this field. I started my career from a door to door B2B sales
person. In 2006, Atlas Copco Pakistan started its direct functioning in Pakistan. I was one of the very few founding team members of Atlas Copco Pakistan. I started off as a Business Line Manager for Industrial Air division. I developed this division to the best of my efforts. Industrial air division is basically addressing 80% of the industry in Pakistan and we have over 35 40% market share, with status of one of the most preferred manufacturer and supplier whose products are designed with futuristic approach, on the lines of energy efficiency, reliability and friendly environment.

EVOLVE: Kindly share with our readersabout Atlas Copco Pakistan and its continuousand consistent growth in Pakistan?

Sohail Shahzad: Pakistan was not a new market for Atlas Copco. We are one of those organizations which came to Pakistan by customerschoice. We already had almost 4000 installations here and it was really very exciting and
challenging for us to come here and interact with our customers directly and to learn more about the dynamics of the market. We are the only ISO certified organization for the food grade compressed air solutions globally.

We take pride in saying that almost all quality conscious food manufacturers of Pakistan like Engro, Nestle, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fauji Food are relying on Atlas Copco and we take pride in giving them innovative solutions as for us, healthy food products are key to a healthy generation. Textile is undoubtedly one of our mainstream customers just because we understand their language. We understand how important it is to develop or manufacture a jean, a fabric or a yarn for a local and international buyer.Moreover, every single Automobile manufacturer in Pakistan is using our compressed air solutions. We have grown by many folds within a very short span of time despite global recession
in 2008-09.

EVOLVE: Atlas Copco is serving diverseand specialized range of industries aroundthe world. What are your focus areas in Pakistan?

Sohail Shahzad: We know the value of our products and their worthwhile contribution to the local industry. I am proud to share that Atlas Copco is the only organization in Pakistan whose focus is on the needs of industry no matter if it is home based industry or large scale manufacturing, Atlas Copco Pakistan with all the responsibility,
is contributing in Health Care Sector. May it be Aga Khan University Hospital or Children Hospital Lahore, our contribution in health sector is visible; to add the value we are partnering with Government of the Punjab to upgrade 40 DHQ (District Headquarter) hospitals as per International Health Technical Memorandum Solutions in first phase. Our Energy efficient compressed air, Gases and Vacuum solutions are recognized in every industry, may it be top line textile exporter or yarn manufacturer, or dyeing and finishing industry, our partnering organizations are very active in construction, mining, and road construction. Moreover our drilling rigs are the major feature of Neelum Jhelum Project, Dasu Project, Reko Diq Project and Thar Coal Project. Cement Manufacturers are using
our diverse equipment starting from quarry drilling rigs, Portable Air Compressors to manufacturing site
stationary compressors. As far as construction industry equipment is concerned, you must have observed
Dynapac machinery is widely working on the roads for compacting roads surfaces for easy commuting. We are
one window solution providers and have contributed a lot towards the development of Pakistan.

EVOLVE: What kind of culture you have maintainedat Atlas Copco Pakistan and how would you
throw light in its significance?

Sohail Shahzad: Atlas Copco is a very innovative, adoptive and progressive organization by its nature. We are a glocal (Global reach, Local people) organization. Despite the fact that we are more than 40-50 thousand employees worldwide, over 60% of the employees know each other with their personal names and we still address our President or Chief Executive with their own first names. We dont even write dear this or dear that. If I have to send a note to my boss, I would simply say Philip, can you help me with this? thats a very close one-to-one culture and thats what I learnt and applied. We have grown wiser and self-responsible. Our teams are self-managing, self-sustaining and self-growing with clean hands, warm hearts, clear mind and conscience. Each member of Atlas Copco works on those lines and consequently, our culture is an open culture. In Atlas Copco we go for people who have a sleeve-up
attitude, who want to do something different or evolve into something different. We dont only go for education
or skills but for ATTITUDE.

EVOLVE: What sets Atlas Copco Pakistan apartfrom others in market?

Sohail Shahzad: Its mainly the way we see our partners, our customers versus others see their customers. We have a reverse engineering system. Henceforth, we come from inside the process and synergize. We say customers are not obliged to buy our products but we are obliged to provide them the solutions. That sets Atlas Copco Pakistan apart from anybody else. Many times we said NO to a lot of customers because we

genuinely thought their need is not what they are asking for and there is a better solution available.

EVOLVE: Any message for the readers of EVOLVE magazine?

Sohail Shahzad: I have a very elaborative message for the EVOLVE readers. I would say trust in people. There are 100% people who have the willingness to work and contribute. They have innovative ideas if they have the environment which facilitates them to use those ideas. Let people come up with solutions, which is the right solution because that is the way forward.